Fully Integrated Production Cycle

      To produce frozen chicken, Kaona believes that quality must come first, therefore we pay attention all stages with our honest mind. To Begin with, we carefully select baby chicks from hatching facilities, where the best parent stocks are reared. Baby chicks are then raised to be broilers in our own farms or farmers who operate under Kaona supervision.

      All chickens are fed by highly nutritious feed from Kaona Feedmill under the care of skilled workers and ewll-trained veterinarians. Then our plant which is designed to meet the international standard, produces a wide range of frozen chicken products required by overseas customers.



       In order to optimise the customer's satisfaction, we have been continuously researching and developing in new products for different various needs. Kaona Poultry can make the specific products, which are specifically required from customers.


Delivery on Time

       Kaona Poultry commits all customers for the delivery at the right time to the right place. We can Deliver all products to all parts around the world.